personalized advocacy

RTL provides personalized and thoughtful counsel  As a naturalized citizen, I know how complex and overwhelming maneuvering the immigration laws and process can be. This is why my goal is to help you understand your options and the issues affecting your immigration case.  No two cases are the same and your success depends on a strategy specific to your circumstances.

I strive to keep you involved and personally guide you in making the important decisions about your case.

I am here to serve you and protect your rights. CALL TODAY and SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT.

Areas De Representation 

  • Asilo

  • Suspensión de la remoción ("Withholding")

  • Protección bajo la Convención contra la Tortura ("CAT")

  • Ajuste de estatus a residente permanente

  • Cancelación de la remoción y ajuste de estatus para residentes no permanentes

  • VAWA (para victimas del maltrato)

  • Visa U ( victimas de un crimen)

  • Visa T (victimas del trafico de personas)

  • Cancelación de la remoción para residentes permanentes

  • Salida Voluntaria

  • Moción para reabrir o reconsiderar un caso

  • Apelación Administrativa

  • Estatus de Inmigrante Juvenil Especial ("SIJ")

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